Laffs believes that supporting our local community is vitally important in order to keep our town thriving and to give our residents the opportunity to buy locally. We also believe that supporting our local associations and clubs is essential in order for the ongoing opportunity to be involved in a club or association where your interests are catered for and is able to be accessed locally. Therefore Laffs has a range of different promotions including:


After every sale at Laffs we give our local customers a bingo voucher which is a percentage (5, 10, 15 or 20%) off goods purchased. This bingo voucher can come off the customer’s next purchase and is valid the day after they received it until the end of the

third coming month. If a bingo voucher happens to expire it becomes a free raffle ticket that is drawn at the end of each month with the prize being a $10 bingo voucher.


Every month Laffs donates $1 from every sale item purchased to a different local association or club.


For every set of sheets sold Laffs matches our customer’s bingo voucher with a cheque to the Camperdown Uniting Church community meal.


With every pair of ladies track suit pants sold the purchaser receives a Magpie Magic ticket.